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WizKids Games is Pleased to Announce Mage Knight: Resurrection!


Greetings Mage Knight and HeroClix Fans!

Hearken back to an age of magic, might and mystery as WizKids Games returns to the realm of fantasy tabletop miniature skirmishes with the all-new Mage Knight: Resurrection!

As many of our fans are aware,  Mage Knight was the first game to utilize the extremely versatile and innovative Combat Dial System game platform, pioneering the way for other games like the successful and diverse HeroClix line of miniatures, Star Trek: Fleet Captains, Star Trek: Attack Wing, and more!

Mage Knight: Resurrection is a full line of fantasy-based miniatures that will draw inspiration from all corners of the Mage Knight mythos, and each Mage Knight: Resurrection figure will incorporate SwitchClix technology and feature two dials! One dial is intended to be played with the Mage Knight 2.0 rule set, and the second dial is fully HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card (PAC) compatible! That’s right; Mage Knight and HeroClix fans will each have two great ways to enjoy Mage Knight: Resurrection!

Exarch Balion-Norowas-Bonebreaker Shaman

Our first Mage Knight: Resurrection product is a 24 Ct. Gravity Feed display! (SKU 71051)


As with other Gravity Feed offerings, each Mage Knight: Resurrection foil pack will contain a single figure and HeroClix Character Card.  Also included are two SwitchClix Combat Dials – one designed for use with the Mage Knight 2.0 rules set and another combat dial that is fully HeroClix PAC-compatible.

There are 25 figures to collect with the following rarity breakdown:

  • 11 Common Figures
  • 8 Uncommon Figures
  • 5 Rare Figures
  • 1 Chase Figure

Lord VaratrixGassalite SwordbrotherSkeleton SkullwalkerGoblin Pillager


Next up we have the Mage Knight: Resurrection Campaign Starter set! (SKU 71053)



The Mage Knight: Resurrection Campaign Starter set includes five re-painted sculpts (all with new dial designs) and one sculpt that is unique to the Starter itself, the Harrowblade!


The Mage Knight: Resurrection Campaign Starter set also includes everything you will need to return to the fantasy realm of Mage Knight:

  • One Mage Knight 2.0 compatible Combat Dial and one HeroClix PAC compatible dial per figure
  • 6 HeroClix Character Cards
  • HeroClix Core Rulebook
  • HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card (PAC)
  • Campaign Scenario Rules
  • 48 Horde Tokens
  • Terrain Marker and Object tokens
  • Dice
  • 4 Maps

The Mage Knight 2.0 rules will be made available on our Rules webpage.

This summer, return to a land of fantasy adventure with Mage Knight: Resurrection! Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting announcements (including previews!) soon! And as always, thank you all for your continued interest and support.