We’ve Got Fresh New RSS Feeds For Your Convenience

Visiting a blog everyday to check on new posts is becoming part of the past.

Oh no, “I still do it”, some may say. But the truth is, we dont need to search for any news. With Twitter, Facebook, G+, Google Reader, and more social aggregators, important news come to you and not the other way around.

“If The News Is Important, It Will Find Me”

This now-famous quote is now even more true thanks to the newly revamped Wizkids RSS feeds.

Both and run on WordPress, and as such, have their own unique feeds. You may have noticed that our blog posts are categorized according to their content – announcements, previews, etc. Each one of those categories has its own RSS feed. Using RSS readers such as Google Reader, you’re able to subscribe to a particular feed and receive only news related to it. Or, you may choose to subscribe to our main feed and receive ALL of our news.

The RSS Revamp

Based on suggestions we received from store owners and players, we’ve made several improvements to all of our feeds, including:

  • Adding a “featured image” thumbnail to accompany every post (the same featured image you see on our homepage)
  • Enabling images to be sent through RSS (every image on the post will reach your RSS reader now)
  • Overwriting WordPress’ custom settings to show the full content of the post instead of a small excerpt

Below I’ll give you some usage examples:

Finding And Using Our RSS Feeds

The picture above is a screenshot of two recent posts, with the top red bar highlighted. That bar lists all of the categories assigned to a certain post. On the two examples, they have the very same categories, so you can see how they work. As we discussed above, each category has a unique feed, and I’ll show you exactly how to reach such feeds using the numbers listed.

1 -Feeds for Specific Sets

On #1, you see that “Superman” is listed as a category. If you’re particularly interested in this one set, you may subscribe to its feed and receive ALL Superman posts. The same applies for other sets as well. Here are some examples:


2 – The Preview Feed

Want to see only the most recent previews? Use this feed:


3 – The Heroclix Feed

This feed includes rule changes and specific Heroclix announcements, as well as previews.


If You Want It ALL

You may receive every single post on your RSS feed by subscribing to:


We hope this helps those of you who’re already using RSS and now are able to enjoy the full content. If you have any questions, post them on our Facebook page. And if you’re importing our feeds into your site/blog, let us know.

By Lee

Leo handles the behind the scenes on and, making sure everything runs smooth. He's a big fan of Social Media, and you can find him on Google+.