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The New Player Registration and You

Greetings WizKids Events Enthusiasts!

In a recent article we detailed how to set up events in the all-new WizKids Event System.  The inevitble question arose “When can players register in the new system?” The answer is now!

(We should note however that if you have utilized the Product Replacement system, you are already registered with that information in the Event System as well, so there’s no need to create another UserID.)

Step One: Go to

(click on image below to enlarge)

When you arrive at the above webpage, you will be prompted to login.  However, we’re not there yet! Just below the login prompt, there is a button labelled “Create New Player Account”.  Click on that button and you’re on your way!

Step Two: Provide Your Information

(click on image below to enlarge)

On this page, you will fill out all of the information required to register your player account.  Be doubly sure that you enter everything correctly (e-mail, phone number, etc…) as this will be the means by which WizKids will contact and confirm your information!

When you’ve finished entering your information and double-checked it all, click the “Create Account” button on the right-hand side of the page.

Step Three: Activating Your Account

(click on image below to enlarge)

Once you’ve completed entering your information you will receive an e-mail with an activation code.  Return to and log in using the Username provided and the password you selected as well as the confirmtion code provided, and activate your account!

Once you’ve entered this information and logged in, you’re good to go.  Congratulations!

Lastly, if you encounter any difficulties or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Finding an Event

At the top of your page you should see three tabs, “Home”, “Search”, and “Settings”.  Select “Search” and you will see this webpage:

Enter the parameters of your search using the dropdown menus and spaces provided.  Hit the “Search” button and off you go! Your search results will look like this:

I Want to Help My Local Venue, How Do I Volunteer?

With the new Event System in place, Venues are fully enabled to run events without difficulty.  However, if you’d like to offer your support and a helping hand there is a way to volunteer!

Search for the Venue you’d like to volunteer at using the method above.  Once you’ve found the Venue you’re looking for, select it by clicking on its name.  Doing so will bring you to this page:

In the lower right-hand of the page, you will see if the Venue has already accepted volunteers, as well as a button you can use to submit yourself as a volunteer candidate for the Venue.  Once you’ve done so, you will be brought to this webpage:

That’s all we have for now, but in our next article we dive deeper into Event Creation and Volunteer management.  Be sure to join us then and as always, thank you all for your continued interest and support!