Announcements Heroclix Infinity Gauntlet Retailers

The Infinity Gauntlet

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we are very pleased to announce the official launching of our Infinity Gauntlet webpage here on! We encourge everyone to take a look and peruse all of the incredible information therein.

One thing that everyone should note is that this special Organized Play program is in addition to the standard OP program that accompanies the release of a new set, meaning that the Incredible Hulk, Galactic Guradians, and the Mighty Avengers will all still have their own OP kits! However, because this is a separate arcing OP program, it is important that all retailers pay special attention to both the Requirements and FAQ sections of the Infinity Gauntlet webpage.

Players, be sure to let your venues and stores know that you’re interested in prticipating in this special Organized Play event! Since the Infinity Gauntlet OP program is tied to sales of all three sets (Incredible Hulk, Galactic Guradians, and the Mighty Avengers) you’ll want to be certain that your Venue orders sufficient quantities in order to qualify for participation!

Lastly, be certain your Venue registers on the WizKids Events System as this is the other retailer requirement for participation!

Prepare for the greatest challenge of them all!

The Battle for the Infinity Gauntlet begins in January 2012!