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The Infinity Gauntlet, WizKids Event System, and Beyond!

Greetings Retailers and WizKids Events Enthusiasts!

There has been a lot of buzz lately regarding our larger plans for events in 2012, not least of which our plans for the Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play series.  We’re hoping that by offering a broad overview (a “roadmap” if you will) that we can clear up some of the confusion had on these topics.

Venue Registration!

First of all, the deadline for registering your Venue in the WizKids Event system has been extended to Wednesday, November 30th, 2011.  We first made mention of this in an article back on October 28th, 2011 but we can understand how that may have gotten lost in the shuffle (TGIF!).

So you still have just over two weeks to make certain your Venue is registered.  As always, any questions, comments, or concerns you may have can be directed to  For all of those who have already registered, thanks! You should be receiving confirmation that Event creation/registration has been opened soon! (More on this as we proceed)

Venue registration will be your doorway to ever increasing visibility as events you register will show up on our website as players search for more and more opportunities to play HeroClix! Venue registration is also an essential component for running the Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play series!  The WizKids Event System is your key to ever-increasing success in the HeroClix arena and will prove to be a valuable tool in your arsenal!

The Infinity Gauntlet!

We kick off our Tenth Anniversary in 2012 with a BANG! The Infinity Gauntlet is an “arcing” Organized Play (OP) series that spans eight (8!) months beginning in January 2012 and concluding with a titanic event in August of 2012.  Players will compete for prizes exclusive to this special OP series while attempting to assemble the fabled (and very powerful in-game) Infinity Gauntlet itself! With a plethora of never-before-offered participation prizes and incredible competitive prizes the Infinity Gauntlet will be the “It” event for more than the first half of the Tenth Anniversary.  For event-by-event details, please be sure to check our Infinity Gauntlet resource page!

Please note that Venues interested in participating in the Infinity Gauntlet events must purchase at least 4 cases of product from each of these three Marvel HeroClix expansions: The Incredible Hulk, Galactic Guardians, and The Mighty Avengers.  A minimum purchase of 4 cases of each unlocks access to purchase the following monthly Organized Play kits for Infinity Gauntlet:

  • Four (4) Cases of The Incredible Hulk unlocks Infinity Gauntlet months One and Two for purchase
  • Four (4) Cases of Galactic Guardians unlocks Infinity Gauntlet months Three, Four and Five for purchase
  • Four (4) Cases of The Mighty Avengers unlocks Infinity Gauntlet months Six, Seven and Eight for purchase

Of particular interest to note is that these case purchases will also qualify your Venue to purchase the standard OP kits for each of the expansions.  For example, purchasing four cases of The Incredible Hulk for Infinity Gauntlet months One and Two also qualifies you to purchase the Incredible Hulk OP kit (available with a minimum of two cases)! No matter how you calculate your product needs, be sure to order plenty for both your standard sales, regular OP offerings and the Infinity Gauntlet OP series! This is going to be big big BIG!!!

The WizKids Event System:

The WizKids Event System will be offering increasing functionality over the coming weeks. Once you’ve registered your Venue we will follow up shortly informing you that we’ve turned on Event creation for your Venue.  Look to another article soon on all of the details and steps on how that process will work for you.

Shortly after that, we will turn onthe Player Registration feature so that you can begin getting your players registered in the system.  This will be important when time comes to finally report your events within the system.

And shortly after that, we have some really cool features to open up for everyone, but this is all a lot to take in so we’re taking HeroClix-sized steps to ensure everyone’s on the same page first!  More on this as it develops!

Both Event creation and Player Registration will be activated before the end of 2011 so you will all have plenty of practice time to get familiar  with the WizKids Event System.  We’re confident that you are all going to love the new system but as always, any questions should be directed to

Thanks as always for your continued and dedicated support.  Stay tuned as even more news will be forthcoming soon!!!