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The Future’s So Bright…

Hello there HeroClix fans!

Life is good; it’s a brand new year, there’s a new HeroClix set out there to enjoy, and we have some new Print and Play elements to share!

We start off our DC 75th Anniversary PnP series with a Battlefield Condition sure to make your White Lanterns Corps (and Indigo Lantern Corps!) very happy.  We are pleased to present the Brightest Day:

With the Brightest Day BFC in play, your figures can attempt to heal each other (with the Support power) or themselves (via the Regenerate power) without worrying if the action will place a second token! I don’t know about you, but my figures always seem to get knocked onto Regenerate when they already have an action token on them, so the prospect of not taking pushing damage to use that power is pretty appealing!

You can also bet that efficient and effective Support pieces like The Atom (Blackest Night #006) will find their way onto more teams with this Battlefield Condition in play as well!

So build your team, print out the BFC, and bring your best game to the next Tournament at your local Venue!

Stay tuned for more exciting Print and Play elements in the days and weeks to come! Have a great one everyone, and happy Clix’ing!