Some Friday Updates And a Sneak Peek at the New Guy’s Desk!

Published on October 21st, 2011

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

There are a lot of really exciting things happening here at WizKids/NECA and we thought we’d take a moment to share some of the buzz with you all.

Infinity Gauntlet

Many of you have certainly heard of the newest addition to Organized Play but for those who may not have, the Infinity Gauntlet is a special OP program that will arc over three separate Marvel HeroClix releases! Beginning in January of 2012, the Infinity Gauntlet will be a once-monthly event concluding in August 2012 and will offer players the opportunity to win prizes never before offered in HeroClix, including the Infinity Gauntlet itself!

Each month players will receive a participation prize and play to win one of the competitive prizes offered.  Month one starts this OP series off with a bang as the competitive prize is the Adam Warlock with the Infinity Gauntlet limited edition figure, and the participation prize is none other than the Infinity Gauntlet itself! The Infnity Gauntlet special object confers various powers upon its wielder even without the Gems, and for a mere 15 points it offers front loaded Telekinesis for your force!

Subsequent months will offer the various Infinity Gems as participation prizes as well as more cosmic entities (such as the Elders of the Universe!) as competitive prizes.  Play every month and you will be able to build a fully powered Infinity Gauntlet to use in your games!

Even better, while the Infinity Gauntlet OP series will arc over the Incredible HulkGalactic Guardians, and Mighty Avengers, each release will continue to enjoy its own OP series as well! That’s right, each month as you count down the days until the next Infinity Gauntlet event, you will still be able to participate in standard Organized Play as well! Once event scheduling is turned on in our system, your registered Venue will be able to post all of its events online for easy tracking and store location!

More details can be found on the Infinity Gauntlet website.  Since we announced the program earlier this month, more than 600 Venues worldwide have already registered with us.  Make sure your Venue registers today!Stay tuned as we reveal more in the weeks to come!

HeroClix Supremacy League

There’s been an air of mystery around the HeroClix Supremacy League since it was recently announced at the Alliance Trade Show at Ft Wayne, IN.  The HeroClix Supremacy League is a casual play format for stores that exists outside of standard Organized Play.  Armed with a leaderboard displayed in their Venues, players compete with each other for the center “Top Spot” of the board as they challenge each other for the chance to advance from one ring to the next, making their way from the outside of the board to the inside.

Players on the outer rings of the Supremacy League leaderboard earn “Fight” tokens which they use to challenge a player on the next innermost ring.  If the challenging player succeeds, they exchange places with their defeated opponent.  If the defending player succeeds, they earn the “Fight” token from the challenging player and can then challenge another player themselves! Again, the goal is to fight one’s way to the center spot of the leaderboard, and then once there, defend their position and earn three additional fight tokens.  Once this is accomplished the player in the center spot has won the Supremacy League and a new League can begin!

(Lightning added for dramatic effect!)

The HeroClix Supremacy League is intended to be a fun format where players can engage in a more casual play style, and is not tied to any specific Organized Play program.  The board is designed by Gale Force 9 and is a wonderful way to display to the public that “HeroClix is played here!” when they walk into your Venue, and the prizes included with the Supremacy League leaderboard are none other than the Convention figures announced earlier this year!

That’s right.  When we first announced the Horsemen of Apocalypse (War, Famine, and Pestilence), Moonstone, and Wonder Woman we promised there would be another way for Venues to obtain these highly coveted prizes outside of the 2011 convention circuit.  The HeroClix Supremacy League is that vehicle and we are very pleased with the initial response enjoyed at the recent Ft Wayne show.

We will have more to come regarding the Supremacy League in the weeks to come so stay tuned!

DC FanVote:

The votes are in and we are pleased to announce that Big Barda has won the very first FanVote competition!

With less than one hundred votes between first and third choice, and just over 50 votes separating first and second place, the voting was very, very close in this final round.  Congratulations to all that voted for Big Barda and a big “Thank You” to all who participated!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we!

Some Guy’s Desk:

Last but not least, while Jerome wasn’t looking the other day we took a picture of his desk.  You can see some figures from Superman, HALO, and perhaps one or two from the upcoming release of the Incredible Hulk (as well as some other goodies)! Eagle-eyed fans may also be able to spot a few easter eggs as well!

Be sure to post your discoveries and guesses on our Facebook page.  That’s all we have for you today, happy HeroClix’ing to you all and best wishes for a great weekend!




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