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2012 HeroClix Rule book Article #1

Hello there Clixers,

It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood Rules Arb, Sean aka “TechG0D”.  The 2012 HeroClix Rule Book will be released with the Dark Knight Returns this summer and we wanted to help you get ready.  There are a few new things in the Rule Book this time, but they aren’t major changes. Still, we should talk about some of them.


First up is the addition of a new type of character: The PRIME Character.  These characters are identified with a GREEN Ring on their base.  Prime characters take Unique to the next level – you can only play ONE PRIME character per force, no matter how large your build total is.


We’ve added information about how to play Multiple Dial figures.  Any dial not in use should be on a KO click.  As you play a particular dial and take enough damage to KO that dial any leftover damage is not applied to the new dial. This is how these figures have been played for the most part, but it’s now official in the rule book. So now go out there and play your Ziran the Tester or Galactus.


HeroClix has several mechanics that allow a figure to be replaced with another one (Morph, Alter Ego, Battlefield Promotion to name a few). The rules for replacement figures have certain things in common for all replacements that happen, so these have been codified in the rule book. Figures that are off the board waiting for these effects to bring them onto the map should be on KO clicks – no checking to see what you get ahead of time.  Victory Points for replacement characters is also discussed in the rule book, but again, this is nothing more than what you already know from existing mechanics.  What is new to HeroClix is that your force can be limited to just how many replacement characters can be waiting on the sideline. The rule book itself does not require a specific number, just like it doesn’t require a specific number for your build total. The HeroClix Tournament standard will be 2 per 100 points of Force with a maximum of 12 characters.


Double Power Actions were introduced last year and they represent the powers some characters can perform with tremendous effort. With the release of this year’s rule book, unless specified otherwise, characters can never activate Double Power Actions through Free actions. Also, you will notice the inclusion of Epic actions in the rule book and later you will notice the inclusion of the Grenade trait icons as well as Horde Tokens.  The core HeroClix rule book is bringing all of these together in one place.

Multi-Base Figures

In the past we know that moving Mutli-Base figures have been tough.  You can’t squeeze them through doorways or climb ladders that are one square wide.  Wouldn’t it be nice for the Frost Giant to be able to squeeze out of the prison cells without breaking down a wall?  We’ve tried to make moving a multiple base figure a bit easier.  When moving, your movement path only requires a one square path to follow.  The trick is that when you place the base no square can move more squares than the one chosen to begin its movement.  All squares of the multiple based figure does need to be placed so that they are all adjacent, unless the figure has rules stating otherwise.  Also, we’ve made it clear that when you move a figure that has a larger base, it can’t be placed on a diagonal. While this rule does not apply to peanut bases, big guys like Master Mold will be facing one way or the other, not twisting (and confusing which squares it occupies).

HeroClix, Improved

We have Special Power and Traits that have really helped to define characters and nail down those comic accurate powers that everyone wants to see.  We’ve added another tool to that arsenal.  So we introduce a new game effect, Improved Characters. This will new combat ability will be discussed in more detail when we talk about the new PAC in the next article.  But to give you a little taste, Improved Characters will have the ability to move or target in ways that will be useful for their entire dial.

Object Update

Everyone loves objects, paper and 3-D.  Over the years we’ve added Immobile objects to the standard light and heavy and even some with special effects.  Wouldn’t it be great to have an object that can take up more than one square. That can be picked up only by the powerhouses of the HeroClix universe.  Something that Jean Grey would have a tough time moving with her mind? We introduce a new type of Heavy object, the Ultra Heavy Object.  This Object cannot be picked up by characters under 100 points.  It also adds a whopping +3 to your damage value when used in a close combat attack and it can’t  be targeted with the Telekinesis power (either to move it or attack with it).

Well, those are some of the Highlights from the new rule book.  Next time we will talk about the new PAC and get more details on Improved characters.
That’s it for now.  And always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”

Thanks for reading.

Sean aka “TechG0D”
Rules Arb