Player Spotlight- Isaac Arnold-Berkovits


We always appreciate it when fans run successful events and provide opportunities for players to get together for friendly competition.  Recently, the HeroClix Community came together for the Realms Open Championship World Cup in Atlanta, Georgia, October 16th-18th.  With well over 150 players from all around the world in attendance, 76 players qualified for the ROC World Cup, but only one player came out on top and won the 2015 ROC World Cup Champion Title along with the $4,000 cash prize!

Congratulations to Isaac Arnold-Berkovits, the 2015 ROC World Champion.

ROC- Isaac

Isaac is 10 years old and has been playing HeroClix, with his dad, for most of his life. Isaac dominated the competition on the tabletop and demonstrated the true meaning of great sportsmanship in every match-up. The game of HeroClix is older than Isaac – and if that caused his opponents to underestimate him, it’s a mistake they’re unlikely to make twice.

Check out Isaac’s winning build:

Nighthawk Prime + Entity

Banshee + Ophidian

Despotellis + Adara

Power Battery (Green Lantern Corps) + Ring, wall, sniper rifle, & decoy

See our full interview with Isaac below:

Name: Isaac Arnold-Berkovits

WES ID: uniqueunique

Favorite Local Venues: Little Shop of Comics in Scotch Plains, NJ, New World Manga in Livingston, NJ, and Highlander Games and Comics in Boonton, NJ 

What was it like to win the 2015 Realms Open Championship World Cup?

It was amazing. It was the first time I’ve ever won a major tournament. It was really fun to practice for it because we got to try out so many different teams and strategies.

Did you enjoy the competition?

Yes! A lot of great games. Many of the best players in the world like Kennie Pena, Paris Gordon, Easton Brock, Phil Isaacson, Jr., Pat Yapjoco and of course I have to mention my teammates Scott Cramton, Matt Esbrook and my dad, Ed Arnold-Berkovits.

How did you come up with your winning build and what was your main strategy?

Banshee has been one of my favorite figures since he came out in the Deadpool set. And Despotellis possessed by Adara, to give all adjacent figures a 20 defense, has been around since War of Light (although we can’t do that anymore). So when I first saw the previews for Nighthawk who can stop attack roll modifiers, I figured I’d have a very hard to hit team that can also do a significant amount of damage to the other team.

What were the teams you went up against like?

Some were almost mirror-matches, where they were playing Nighthawk and Despotellis with Adara but their main attacker was Nick Fury instead of Banshee. Those games were the toughest. There were some tricky teams, but once I figured out how to get around the trick, I was able to have a good chance of winning. Lex Luthor with his Subterfuge tokens is one of those tricky figures. Kyle Rayner was also a very tough matchup since I had only 1 main attacker, so to defeat him, I had to get Nighthawk into a position to get him to his stop click, then have Banshee able to follow-up to get him past that click.

What advice would you give to other players your age?

Definitely start by learning positioning, Line of Fire angles and the probability of rolls so that when you attack or defend your team has the best chance of survival. Then move on to reading the cards and figuring out interesting power and ability combinations. Whether you win or lose, if you treat every game as practice for the next one, you will keep getting better. But having fun while practicing as often as possible helps me a lot.

What first brought you to the world of HeroClix?

Well, my dad has been playing since Hypertime and he started teaching me when I wanted to learn. Since I like superheroes, I wanted to play at tournaments, too! I didn’t do great in the beginning but I kept trying and getting better.

How long have you been playing HeroClix?

Since I was 6 ½, so about 4 years. While I played at Clixathon the past couple of years, this past year was the first time I went to Nationals and Worlds and battled the excellent players there.

How often do you play, and where do you play HeroClix?

Sometimes I play after school with a friend who’s into the game. My dad and I play at home many nights. We pretty much always have a game in progress. Today’s game is the entire Earth II Wonders of the World Fast Forces versus the same amount of points from the new Superman set. On the weekends when there aren’t tournaments to go to, we sometimes play a few games in a row.

What is your favorite thing about HeroClix?

It gives me entertainment, and things to do when I’m bored. I like looking forward to new sets and new figures and new power combinations. I’m always checking online for the latest previews.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I really like the new Superman/Wonder Woman set. I just got to read the Red Son comics so I like the chases and think that if I can win Worlds, I will design Lex Luthor from Red Son with a special attack power that when he attacks and hits but does no damage, like an attack that is evaded or Impervious is rolled, he then does 1 penetrating damage instead. That seems like a Lex power.

Thank you to all the volunteers that took the time to organize the weekend and ensure a good time for all participants. Thanks to all the fans who helped keep the event a fun experience for their opponents.