Regional Championships – Coming to Salt Lake Gaming Con!

Play amazing games, win rare prizes, and purchase convention exclusive products all at one of the biggest WizKids gaming events of the year!

Hillside, NJ — March 17, 2016 – We are pleased to announce our WizKids Regional Championship events are coming to the Salt Lake Gaming Convention, June 2nd-4th 2016! HeroClix and Dice Masters players can battle to win a seat at the 2016 WizKids U.S. National Championship, or they can participate in amazing side events for great prizes! Con attendees will also have the chance to purchase 2016 HeroClix Convention Exclusives.

The 2016 Salt Lake Gaming Con Dice Masters and HeroClix Regional Championships are on June 3rd and 4th respectively, and each tournament will be open to Salt Lake Gaming Con attendees. In addition to the prizes, the winner of each Regional Championship will be eligible to participate in the U.S. National Championship.

The Salt Lake Gaming Con will also host side events during the weekend, where players will be able to win 2016 HeroClix Convention Exclusive Figures and Premium Dice Masters Foil Cards.

PLEASE NOTE – Players who plan to attend WizKids events or purchase HeroClix Convention Exclusives will need a Salt Lake Gaming Con badge to gain access to our area.

To learn more about the Regional Championship, visit:

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