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Print and Play Has Finally Arrived!

WizKids is happy to announce that Print & Play is now 100% supported on the website!

Recently, Wizkids began a dialogue with Team Mobilehorror with the goal of bringing PnP officially to  Team Mobilehorror’s contribution to PnP over the years is proven and they’ve become a trusted name to HeroClix fans everywhere, and we’ve enjoyed working with them on this project.

Together, we have uploaded all of the Print & Play content originally found on their website to HeroClix.Com.  That’s right! All HeroClix sets, ranging from the feats and battlefield conditions introduced in Mutant Mayhem through the latest character cards found in the Thor Fast Forces set, are available for download in a convenient pdf format.

Here’s what you’ll find on the new and improved Print and Play page:

  • Character Cards
  • Feats
  • Battlefield Conditions
  • Additional Team Abilities
  • Bystanders
  • Rules for Colossal figures
  • Special Objects

All of the feats and battlefield conditions have been updated to reflect the latest rulings in the Player’s Guides. Team Mobilehorror will continue an ongoing effort to provide updates for new sets as they are released!

To use Print & Play content, simply download and print the cards you need (Note: some of these files are quite large) and bring them to your next game. This policy does not apply to 3D elements, though it does apply to the cards that accompany them. Best of all, all content available
for Print & Play from the WizKids site is 100% legal in tournament play!

WizKids is now your one-stop shop for everything Heroclix Print & Play!


Special thanks to Team Mobilehorror for helping to make this effort possible:

Mike Wethington (Blue Atoll on HCRealms)

Sylvain Mallette (Batman1970 on HCRealms)

Jeremy Beaver (lancelot on HCRealms)