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2012 HeroClix Powers and Ability Card (PAC) Article #2

Hello there Clixers,

It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood Rules Arb, Sean aka “TechG0D”.

Well now lets take a minute to talk about and look at a couple new things on the NEW 2012 HeroClix Powers and Ability Chart. Most of the powers stayed exactly the same in this version. The biggest thing that you will notice is the new Improved Ability Chart. What is an Improved Ability? It’s an innate ability of a character to do “something” without a Power or Ability. This is indicated by a PLUS on the dial and the Character card will indicate what Improved Abilities the character might have.

Have you ever said, “Why can’t Spider-Man or Batman just ignore Hindering and Elevated Terrain while Charging?” Giving them Superman Ally or Avenger Initiative helps with ignoring hindering terrain for movement but also adds ignoring hindering terrain for Line of Fire also, which might not be thematically a correct statement to make. And Flight would help them ignore elevated terrain, but again that might not be in the best interest of the character’s representation.

Now with Improved Movement we add the ability to ignore all terrain types for movement as a Trait. Improved Movement is marked PLUS on the character base and character card. You will see what we call the RUNNER symbol on the character card followed by a symbol or two. If you see a GREEN SQUARE after the RUNNER that means that his character ignores Hindering Terrain for movement. If you see a BROWN Square then the character ignores ALL Blocking Terrain. There are even symbols for Ignoring characters and character bases.

Have you ever wondered, “If Superman has X-Ray vision and can see through walls why can’t he make ranged attacks through walls?” Well that’s easy, Ignoring Blocking Terrain for Line of Fire purposes has been hard to represent. Well now we don’t have that issue. Improved Targeting is now here! Like other Improved Abilities, Improved Targeting is marked with a PLUS on the character base. The character card has the BULLSEYE symbol and small colored squares or other symbols that will indicate exactly what is ignored while making ranged attacks.

We’ve cut out just part of the chart to show you how it looks and what you should expect. We’ve updated many of the Combat Abilities with these Improved Abilities. You will see those when the whole PAC is revealed.And I guess that’s all. So we’ll see you Origins’. Well that’s about it for now. And always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”Thanks for reading.
Sean aka “TechG0D”
Rules Arb