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On the Road…Spoiling for a Fight

As always, I look forward to convention season because of getting to see friends that I only see during that time.  Inevitably, we argue and fight about where to eat and what movie to see (trust me this one gets debated endlessly).  Players battle it out day after day on their way to the finals of the Championship event and everyone is spoiling for a fight but really wants to win the War and emerge as the champ.  No different was Apocalypse’s plan for survival of the fittest as he wanted the best mutants and rounding out his troops is the final Horsemen of the Apocalypse War.

Abraham Kieros was a soldier who knew much about fighting for survival as he survived the Vietnam War but it cost him his mobility.  Chosen by Apocalypse, he readily accepted and was given his limbs back and a steed to ride into combat as evidenced by the transporter icon on the dial.  Just by clapping his hands he could make things Explode from Within (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) or cause Rings of Explosions (Pulse Wave) to help him defeat those who would oppose Apocalypse.   Of course, he comes in at 99 points so team him with Famine, Pestilence, and Archangel along with the Horsemen of Apocalypse ATA for a 400 point team that can test who is truly the fittest to survive on a HeroClix map!

Origins is the first convention that this figure will be available at as a prize but don’t worry this figure will also be available at GenCon.  For those not attending the conventions, another way to get this figure will be announced by the end of the year.

That ends these previews but there is so much more to talk about like the events at GenCon and the special prizes…what’s that Jerome…fine you win this fight and I won’t say anymore!

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