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On the Road…GenCon Update, It’s in the Cards?

After the stellar turnout at Origins, we want to continue the trend at GenCon 2011 and also update some of the info for the convention.  I was just clearing off my desk when I came across these cards:

One of the nice surprises that we were able to spring on the player’s at Origins was the presence of participation prizes in the form of physical copies of the Print n Play cards.  Well, that is going to continue at GenCon.  Every player who plays in a WizKids event at GenCon will receive a Print n Play card as a participation prize.  Even players in our Open Play event will be prized with a Print n Play card.  Can you collect all 47?

After the quick sellout of Grinders at Origins, we wanted to let players know the set-up for Worlds Grinders at GenCon.

HeroClix World Championship “Grinder” Qualifying Event:

Want to play in Worlds and prove you’ve got what it takes to be the BEST?  Worlds Grinders are an 8-person, 3 round sealed tourney.  This event will utilize one booster each from the Captain America and DC 75th Anniversary expansions.  In the third round, 2 undefeated players will be playing off and the winner gets a seat at the World Semi-Finals on Saturday and his choice between 2 random figures from a pool of Horsemen of Apocalypse, Moonstone, and Wonder Woman and the loser gets the other figure.  Players can participate in as many sealed grinders as they want in order to try to earn one of the slots in the semi-finals.  If you win a grinder, you can no longer play in additional grinders.  We will run at least 32 grinders on Thursday and 32 grinders on Friday and will have additional product available to run more (of course we can only run grinders if we have the 8 players necessary to play in the event so be sure to bring your friends to play with you).  In the event that grinders are selling quickly, we will keep product aside to run some grinders during the late hours.  If demand is high for those grinders, we will have a free raffle for the seats in those grinders.

Cost for this event will be $24 (12 Generic Tickets for each player).

Availability/Schedule:  Thurs-Fri (9AM-Midnight).  Remember, no grinder will start later than 9 PM since this is a 3 hour event and the tourney hall closes at midnight.

We also wanted to update one of the sealed events that we are running at GenCon after it did so well at Origins.

HeroClix Giant-Size X-Men Super Booster Event:

Join us for this very special sealed event!  Bring up to 300 points of Modern Age figures and purchase 1 Giant Sixe X-Men super-booster.  Using the contents of your super-booster at its maximum point value and your selected figures, build the best 600 point force you can but you must use your colossal!  This event will be limited to 64 players so be sure to secure your place early.  Build the best team and tower over the competition!  Update!  Players who play in this event and finish all the rounds of the tourney will get a random Horseman of the Apocalypse figure as a participation prize.

Cost for this event will be $24 (12 Generic Tickets for each player).

Availability/Schedule:  Thursday, 1 PM

Don’t want to play in the tourney area?  Then come visit us in the WizKids Booth & Demo Area where demos will be running all weekend long and will include Quarriors (a personal favorite of mine when I’m not playing HeroClix), Star Trek Expeditions, Star Trek Fleet Captains, Mage Knight, Street Fighter, and many other games.  We will also be selling limited quantities of some of these games in our booth.  As always, it is while supplies last for product in the booth and we will only be taking cash for payment.

That’s all I’ve got for now but what other surprises could GenCon have in store for our players.  You’ll just have to wait and see…

 For questions on any of the conventions, please email: