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Larfleeze – Rules Edition

When I first saw Larfleeze I was delighted to see a figure that brings its own new take on the game with it. I asked Jeff (normalview) Orasky, one of the Rules Deputies to take a bit and help folks with a “Larfleeze Primer”. Please send all accolades for the following to him:

From Jeff…

Larfleeze is the living embodiment of avarice. He’s managed to acquire a rather impressive array of special powers and a trait, allowing him to do some things that no other character has ever been able to before. He will jealously hoard these new game effects unless we pry them from his grasping fingers and bring them out into the open. So whether you wish to greedily squeeze every last bit of utility out of your Larfleeze character or you want to steal victory out from under an opponent playing him, we need to understand exactly what his trait and special powers can do.


This trait has a lot going on, so let’s break it down piece by piece.

Orange Construct objects are objects that can’t be picked up and are removed from the game if Larfleeze is KO’d.

Right away, we’re introduced to a new game effect: the Orange Construct object. These Orange Constructs are objects, so there are many rules they already follow. If you deal it 3 damage, it is destroyed. If a line of fire crosses it, the line of fire is hindered and powers like Stealth would cause that line of fire to be blocked. But they also have a variety of unique properties that set them apart from standard and special objects. In fact, since they are so different that they are not even considered heavy or light. While you could use Telekinesis option 3 to make an attack with one, you would deal no damage since only heavy and light objects define how much damage they deal when used in an attack.

Keep in mind, though, that since they are still objects, you can also do a lot of the same things you can do with standard and special objects. For example, if you want to get an Orange Construct into prime position for Poisoning (more on this later), you can use Telekinesis to move the Orange Construct to the desired location. Or, if you’re having trouble getting past the Orange Constructs to reach Larfleeze, a character like Phantom Girl (whose special power allows her to remove objects from the game) could make very quick work of them.

In a nutshell, these Orange Constructs behave like the objects we are already familiar with except for where specific differences are described in the trait.

Whenever Larfleeze is moved, after actions resolve you may move any or all Orange Construct objects an equal amount.

So if Larfleeze moves, the Orange Constructs move, too. Simple and straight forward. However, please note that it does not say that Larfleeze must be given the action that moves him; instead, if Larfleeze is moved by another game effect, like Telekinesis, you can still choose to move the Orange Constructs. Even if Larfleeze is being moved by your opponent’s Telekinesis, it’s still your choice for if/where to move those Orange Constructs. In the right situations, you could move a whole army of Orange Constructs across the entire map in very short order.

What are the rules for moving an Orange Construct? Orange Constructs are objects, not characters, so they do not need to roll for break away and they will not have to stop moving if they become adjacent to an opposing character. However, they also are not given any special rules for ignoring terrain when moving, so you will have to keep an eye out for terrain features when moving the Orange Constructs, even though Larfleeze may be moving with Phasing/Teleport, Flight, etc..

Characters adjacent to or in the same square as an Orange Construct object are considered adjacent to Larfleeze for Poison and close combat purposes.

As I hinted at earlier, Larfleeze can use these Orange Constructs to spread his insidious and selfish desires. Any opposing characters occupying or adjacent to an Orange Construct can be Poisoned or attacked with a close combat attack as if that character were adjacent to Larfleeze. Combine this part of the trait with the ease in which these objects can be spread across the board and you’ll quickly find that there is no such thing as a safe place to hide from Larfleeze.

Orange Lackeys

Whenever Larfleeze would be dealt damage, you may deal up to 3 of the damage to a single adjacent Orange Construct object and then remove it from the map.

First, even though this power does seem very similar to Mastermind, please note that the words “Mastermind” never appear in the description. So this power can not be used to meet any prerequisites of any feats that require Mastermind.

Second, also note that Larfleeze can only deal “up to 3 of the damage” to an Orange Construct; if he is hit for more than 3 damage, Larfleeze can shuffle the 3 maximum over to an Orange Construct, but Larfleeze himself will be dealt whatever remains. So if Larfleeze is attacked by a Gorilla City Warrior wielding a heavy object, Larfleeze would be dealt a total of 5 damage (GC Warrior’s damage value is 3 and the object adds another 2); Larfleeze could transfer 3 of that to an adjacent Orange Construct and only end up having 2 damage dealt to himself.

Finally, any damage Larfleeze deals to an Orange Construct with this special power, even just 1 damage, will cause the Orange Construct to be removed. So if your Larfleeze is hit for only 1 or 2 damage, you are going to have to consider whether it will be more advisable to have him take the relatively small hit in order to keep the Orange Construct on the map, or decide if you’re willing to sacrifice a Orange Construct in order to keep Larfleeze from taking even a small amount of damage. And if you’re playing against Larfleeze, you might want to consider bombarding him with many small attacks instead of a couple big ones… because you’ll either make him burn through all the adjacent Orange Constructs that much more quickly or you’ll take a significant chunk out of his dial as you chip away bit by bit and he tries to preserve his Orange Constructs.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got a special power appearing in the damage slot that actually tells us how the Orange Constructs are brought into the game.

Summon the Orange Lantern Corps

Once during your turn, you may give Larfleeze a free action and place an Orange Construct object on the map within his range and line of fire. If there are already two or more of these objects on the map, this is a power action instead.

Finally, we learn how to bring these Orange Constructs into the game. Larfleeze can bring one Orange Construct into the game per turn. For the first two Orange Constructs, using this power is a free action and he can be given another action during the same turn if you wish. There is no limit to the number of Orange Constructs he can bring into the game, but every Orange Construct after the first two will cost a power action instead of a free action, so you should plan accordingly.

This special power allows Larfleeze to place these objects at any time during your turn. So if he is still able to use this power as a free action, he can create a new Orange Construct at the beginning of the turn and then use his Poison on characters adjacent to the new Orange Construct. This might let you catch an opponent by surprise if they think they are safely out of Poison’s reach at the beginning of the turn.

One last observation: Larfleeze can place these Orange Constructs anywhere within his range and line of fire. Normally, since Larfleeze has a range value of 0, this means the Orange Construct must be placed adjacent to Larfleeze, but if his range value was modified, he could create new Orange Constructs up to 3 squares away, catching an opponent by surprise. Also, remember that a figure does not block the line of fire to the square that it occupies, so when Larfleeze places these constructs, he could place it in a square occupied by another figure.


There is a lot going on with this trait and accompanying special powers; you may even be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. But that’s okay… while this can seem a little intimidating at first, just take these new game effects a step at a time and they’re very manageable. And, hopefully, this primer on Larfleeze’s new powers and abilities will give you the edge you need to crush your opponents and take the prize which is rightfully yours. His greed knows no bounds and now you can harness that power for your own… or more effectively combat his power before it consumes you.

By Lee

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