Announcements Free Comic Book Day Heroclix Preview

In Brightest (Free Comic Book) Day!

Hello HeroClix fans!

I know you are all eager to start seeing previews from the upcoming Green Lantern gravity feed and Fast Forces products and we’ll be getting to those soon, but first I thought we would take a sneak-peek at the Free Comic Book Day Green Lantern!

Green Lantern comes well-armed for any battle.  Front loaded Running Shot and Perplex allows Green Lantern to take the offense in the early game while Energy Shield/Deflection protects him from long-range retaliation! Mid-dial, Green Lantern changes tactics and goes into close-combat with Blades/Claws/Fangs and Plasticity (to keep your opponents’ figures locked down), while Green Lantern trdes Energy Shield/Deflection for Toughness.

Late-dial Green Lantern switches back to Energy Shield/Deflection and trades his Green Spear for a Green Knockout Punch (Incapacitate) which he can use in close or target two opposing figures from up to eight squares away.  Best of all, Green Lantern’s Indomitable ability allows him to act without fear of pushing damage!

Interested in where you can get this exclusive figure? Be sure to check out the Free Comic Book Day venue locator and visit your nearest participating venue this Saturday!

That’s all we have for today’s preview, but be sure to come back on Wednesday for our first exclusive sneak-peek of the upcoming Green Lantern gravity feed figures! Until then, keep on Clixing!