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Important Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play Series Update!


Greetings Retailers and HeroClix Enthusiasts!

As you read this we are making an important update to the Infinity Gauntlet OP series that affects everyone!

When we first envisioned the Infinity Gauntlet event series, we expected that offering the kits at the beginning of their respective months was the best way to proceed in order to ensure an even footing for all.  However, what sometimes looks good on paper leaves a little to be desired when actually executed.  Essential feedback from you, our retailers and players, has demonstrated a clear need for us to re-evaluate the Infinity Gauntlet prize kits’ shipping schedules.

With that in mind, we are very happy to announce that Infinity Gauntlet prize kits will now be shipping the last week of each month, for events scheduled the following month! Starting this month, April’s Infinity Gauntlet’s OP kits will begin shipping to stores on March 28th, 2012.  Now stores will be able to schedule their Infinity Gauntlet events anytime during the repsective month and feel confident that they will have the necessary elements for their tournaments!

The new Infinity Gauntlet OP kit shipping schedule is as follows:

IG OP Kit 4 – April 2012 Kit: Releases 28 March 2012

IG OP Kit 5 – May 2012 Kit: Releases 25 April 2012

IG OP Kit 6 – June 2012 Kit: Releases 30 May 2012

IG OP Kit 7 – July 2012 Kit: Releases 27 June 2012

IG OP Kit 8 – August 2012 Kit: Releases 25 July 2012

As always, thank you to all of our stores and players for your continued support, dedication, and feedback.