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HeroClix Online: State of the Game 8/25/2011

Greetings Heroes,

It’s been a busy few months as we gear up for the official launch of HeroClix Online, and we’d like to take a moment to update the community on the status of HCO and upcoming development. New content and features including additional Super Hero and Super Villain collections from Marvel Entertainment’s vast universe,Infinity Challenge figures, a new map, revamped lobby UI and rolling tournaments are all on the horizon!!


What’s more, we know that several early Paid Beta adopters are anxious to know what exclusive figure they will be receiving at launch…and we’re excited to reveal that a virtual War Machine figure will be sent out to those players! (As always, please ensure the email address associated with your account is up to date.)


Infinity Challenge
Nostalgia, beware! We’re currently working on a virtual version of Infinity Challenge, the initial set that was released for HeroClix at launch

in 2002. Infinity Challenge (178 new figures, 50+ uniques!) will be open to all players and available in booster packs. These figures can be used alongside Marvel’s famed Hammer of Thor and Fantastic Four figures in friendly matches, and constructed tournaments, though be on the lookout for organized Infinity Challenge tournaments! We’ll be rolling Infinity Challenge out in single figure boosters in two waves.


Revamped UI
New Lobby UI
We’ve recently implemented an enhanced combat UI, and in the near future we’ll be releasing a new lobby UI that better matches the look and feel of HeroClix Online. However, it’s not just a color change and a polish, as the improved interface will also have new features for viewing and sorting your HeroClix collection.

Rolling Tournaments
Looking for a tournament? Good news. We are working on adding rolling tournaments to HCO. Once this feature has been rolled out (pun intended), there will always be a tournament available to join. As soon as enough players have joined, it will start immediately. We will still have special event tournaments, but with rolling tournaments you can play on your own schedule.

New Map

Coinciding with the Infinity Challenge figures, we’ll be adding a new map, “The Park”!


Shifting gears, we’d also like to take a moment to speak to items of community discussion, including pricing. HeroClix Online is designed to provide an alternative method for eager players unable to make it to their local hobby shop to enjoy the game. As such, it is not intended to compete with the physical tabletop game—neither in gameplay nor pricing. The local game and comic shops are the lifeblood of the product line. Willingly competing with our stores on front list product is NOT the intention of WizKids or HeroClix Online.


With that said, we do have several new developments and tie-ins on the way. Infinity Challenge will provide an additional, lower-cost option for collecting and tournament play, as single figure boosters will be available for $0.95 USD. The team is also exploring the idea of physical Clix tie-ins—codes inside select products that unlock content related to the product. Marvel’s The Hulk Fast Forces is the first product that will have unlockable HCO content “inside the box.”


Keep an eye out for upcoming dev journals and sneak peeks highlighting new content and work in progress! New maps and figures will be added as development continues.

As a reminder, for updated organized tournament schedules, contests and other news, check out the official HCO Website, HCO forums, Facebook or Twitter pages.


Thank you for all of your support and feedback on HCO. You’re an awesome community and we hope you’re enjoying the online experience!

-The HeroClix Online Team

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