Announcements Green Lantern Heroclix Preview

Hal Jordan of Earth, You Have Been Chosen…

Hello there HeroClix Fans!

The long awaited day is upon us finally.  Today we begin our epic journey into the emerald realm of the Green Lanterns and we’re going to start with none other than Hal Jordan himself!

Hal Jordan is an accomplished test pilot and his Yeah, Ladies, I’m a Test Pilot special power helps out whenever he’s carried by a flier or flying transporter figure.  Energy Shield/Deflection keeps Hal safe from ranged attacks while late-dial Willpower demonstrates his determination.  Finally, his Alter-Ego power allows Hal Jordan to transform mid-game into none other than Green Lantern!

Green Lantern’s Alter Ego dial (what we see after the orange line)  is impressive and opens with Running Shot to get him into the battle once he transforms from Hal JordanEnergy Shield/Deflection offers some defense versus ranged attcks for the rookie ring-slinger and Ranged Combat Expert allows Green Lantern to go on the offensive!

Green Lantern is more than an Alter-Ego piece too! At 85 points Green Lantern is an excellent addition to your Green Lantern Corps teams with his opening Charge, Close Combat Expert, and Combat Reflexes for some hand-to-hand melee action.  Green Lantern switches tactics a little mid-dial and picks up Telekinesis and Barrier (via his Contain Parallax special power) and then moves into his ranged combat clix (spotlighted above in the aforementoned Alter-Ego section of the dial).  Lastly, the Indomitable ability allows Green Lantern to act without fear of pushing damage! 

That’s today’s preview but be sure to join us on Friday as we check in with two respected veterans of the Green Lantern Corps; one’s an able-bodied multi-tasker and the other an expert in training new recruits and weeding out the “poozers”! Until then, keep on playing Heroclix and be sure to catch Green Lantern in theaters everywhere beginning June 17th!