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GenCon Update… Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting

Are you ready to have a fight on Friday night?  We are happy to announce that we can have a special release tourney for Street Fighter at GenCon 2011.  On Friday night at 6 PM, we will hold a 32 player sealed Street Fighter event.  Can you build a 300 point team of Street Fighter figures and win the tourney and declare yourself the winner of the Friday Night Fight!  Details are below:

HeroClix Street Fighter “Friday Night Fight” Event:

Want to play with Street Fighter before your friends and prove you’ve got what it takes to be the best fighter?  This event will utilize 8 single figure boosters from the Street Fighter expansion from which you will build a 300 point team.  Prizes for this event will be from a pool of Moonstone, Wonder Women, and extra single figure boosters of Street Fighter.  Due to the last minute nature of this event, it can’t be listed on the GenCon website.  There will be a sign-up list for this event starting at 5 PM on Friday night.  If demand is high for this event, we will have a free raffle for the seats in this event.  Can you Hurricane Kick the competition to the street?

Cost for this event will be $24 (12 Generic Tickets for each player).

Availability/Schedule:  Friday 6 PM

That’s all I’ve got for now but what other surprises could GenCon have in store for our players.  You’ll just have to wait and see…

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