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Galactic Guardian ATAs and New HeroClix Players Guide (May, 2012)

Hello there Clixers,

It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood Rules Arb, Sean aka “TechG0D”. We have yet another installment of the Players Guide and ATA’s. This time we are proud to bring you the Galactic Guardian ATA’s and HeroClix Players Guide updates.

So without any further adieu, here’s the first Additional Team Ability: The NEWER FANTASTIC FOUR, with the addition of the Colossal’s in Galactic Guardians you might need a bit more oomph to hit Galactus. If you play with the “Fantastic Four” keyword you can add the Newer Fantastic Four ATA, for just ONE point per character, and get yourself a +1 to your Attack Value when attacking figures with the Giant or Colossal damage symbols or even the Indomitable Defense Symbol. That should help you crack the Defenses of those Colossals and even some Dr Doom figures.





Like playing a team with the newest Minions and minion powers? Well then the new UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF TRUTH ATA is made for you. This FOUR point ATA gives your Defense a boost when your UCT characters are attacked and your opponent misses.




We have a bunch of new “Guardians of the Galaxy” keyword figures in this set…funny that as the set is called Galactic Guardians huh? While many of those figures have the Defender Team Ability, won’t it be great if you could just make them Wild Cards and copy a different Team Ability? Well now you can with the ONE point per character GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (SILVER AGE) ATA. Playing this card will remove their current team ability, if any, and give all the characters the Wild Card Team Ability.



We also have a bunch of Infinity Watch figures in this set. These guys understand the Infinity Gauntlet and the Gems better than anyone else. So their TWO points per character INFINITY WATCH ATA helps them do just that in game terms. They are able to pick up the Infinity Gauntlet Relics on a roll or 3-6 instead of 5-6. So play these guys with those Gems that you have and see them come alive with the power of the Gems!





We also have ATA for the following keywords: Annihilators, Negative Zone, Nova Corps and Defenders. These are pictured below. Check them all out, print them all out and use them in your next tournament!!






















Below you will also find the links to the latest Players Guide.  Well that’s about it for now.

And always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”