Announcements Green Lantern Heroclix Preview

Emerald Spies and Scientists! A Green Lantern Sneak-Peek!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We continue our tour of the galaxy courtesy of the Green Lantern Corps.  Today we begin with  neighboring sector 2813, the patrol beat of Tomar Re!

At 80 points, Tomar Re brings a great deal to any Green Lantern force.  Firstly, Tomar’s A Tour of Oa trait gives you a bonus to your roll to determine who the first player will be for each Green Lantern on your team.  Tomar’s usefulness certainly doesn’t end there as his opening dial is full of options! Running Shot allows you to get Tomar right into the action, or if you prefer you can use his Ranged Combat Expert for maximum damage.  Either way, Tomar’s 10 range will be definitely be an advantage. 

Speaking of his range, Tomar Re also begins play with Barrier giving you some defensive options as well! Mid-dial Tomar switches out his Barrier for Energy Shield/Deflection and picks up Energy Explosion and Force Blast as well!

Lastly, Tomar Re is no less useful on his back-dial as he again picks up Ranged Combat Expert and Perplex towards the end of his clix.  A varied power selection and consistent combat values definitely makes Tomar Re an excellent addition to your forces!

Next up, we have a rookie ring-slinger that prefers to keep to the shadows, R’Amey Holl!

Part of the elite black ops force, the “Corpse”, R’Amey Holl is used to operating in the shadows and striking unseen.  Her opening clix of Stealth represent R’Amey’s covert skills while her early-dial Shape Change makes her more difficult to target should someone encounter her in close combat! Consider also her Super Senses and R’Amey is a challenging foe and is sure to harrass her enemies!

Mid- to late-dial R’Amey picks up Pulse Wave as she eschews the shadows for more direct confrontation with the enemies of the Green Lantern Corps.  R’Amey Holl also picks up Support on her back-dial which is always a welcome addition to any force! 

At only 50 points, R’Amey Holl is a great and affordable addition any team build, but especially to Green Lantern Corps and Spy theme teams!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the latest in our Green Lantern gravity feed previews.  Friday we wrap our gravity feed sneak-peeks in time for next week, when these figures will become available for sale exclusively at Targets everywhere in the U.S. (and traditional HeroClix retailers internationally).   We will also be sure to preview the Green Lantern Fast Forces pack next week just in time for that product to go on sale as well! Until then, keep your figures off their K.O. clix!