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Dr. Manhattan Coming to a Store Near You!

“We are all of us living in the shadow of Manhattan.”

Dr Milton Glass; Super-Powers and Superpowers.

In Spring of 2011, the superman will arrive;  at long last, Dr. Manhattan is coming to a store near you!

This retailer exclusive Dr. Manhattan will sport more than just a glossy finish; he also features a completely new dial design and includes a map of the surface of Mars!

That’s right! This retailer version of Dr. Manhattan will include all new dials, a new scenario,  and an all new take on the aloof, god-like deterrant from the Watchmen universe.

Can Manhattan be moved to save a world that he no longer has any stake in? Or will he instead leave Earth to create life elsewhere? YOU decide!

Also included is this map of the Martian landscape, Dr. Manhattan’s refuge from the world of humanity.  Like all HeroClix maps, “Mars” can be played on its own with any team, or you can use it for scenario play with the all-new Dr. Manhattan!

The map special text reads:

Special Terrain: Clockwork Terrain.  The area inside the borders of an orange line are clockwork terrain.  When playing a scenario with Jon Osterman: Dr. Manhattan ([Watchmen Set Symbol] #26), the effects of clockwork terrain are defined by the scenario.

Per the special rules accompanying Dr. Manhattan, the special terrain cannot be damaged or destroyed, but it does change according to Manhattan’s Empathy Dial (only used during scenario play).   Clockwork Terrain can become any terrain type depending on where the Empathy dial is set at any given point in the scenario.  If your arguements and attacks gain his attention, you can convince Dr. Manhattan to shed his aloofness and return to Earth with you in order to stave off armageddon!

Available everyhwere HeroClix are sold April 2011, Dr. Manhattan will retail for $79.99.  Be the first to add this exclusive new colossal and map to your collection and battle it out to save humanity!

Retailer Exclusive Dr. Manhattan Design & Development Team:

Design: Seth Johnson

Development: Eric Englehard

Map: Steve Coblentz

Play Test:  Norman Barth, Jim Drosdak, Jerome Gonyeau, Tom Price, Darin Skutt.