Dinner, Conventions and Game Design

It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I would take a late night opportunity to post some things on my mind and give you a few updates.

Conventions – I’ve seen a many posts, both on the Realms and on the FaceBook, inquiring about our convention schedule.  Currently, we are attending 2 consumer shows (GenCon and SDCC) & 2 trade show.  At this time, we have no other conventions planned for 2010.  As I’ve mentioned before, we’re focusing our efforts on filling our product pipeline.  As much as we value consumer conventions, and considering our smaller staff, we thought it would be better to stay focused on product this year.

Likewise, we’ll be holding off on user-supported conventions & charitable events until were able to support them at the level they deserve.  Some of you have approached us with requests for support and as we’ve gone through the process, I felt like we’ve done a so-so job with support.  When we’re ready, we’ll put out a call for tournament organizers and have a plan that we can support.

Game Design Team – It’s a little overdue but I would like to formally welcome Jake Theis to the  Game Design team.  Jake has been working with us for months “behind the scenes” and will continue in his role overseeing the R&D team.  Jake’s passion for HeroClix and gaming experience make him a valuable part of the team.  He’ll be posting on the blog and knowing Jake, I am sure he’ll be on the Realms, Facebook and email talking HeroClix.

GAMA Trade Show (GTS) – We’ll be presenting at the GTS dinner next Tuesday.  While we don’t have a booth on the floor per se, our product will be on display at the Diamond/Alliance booth.  Lax (my boss) and I will be lurking around the show on Wednesday and Thursday.  If you’re at the show, please stop by and say hi.  Don’t miss the Tuesday dinner, you might get a BatB Brick fig and I may be reviewing the plans for the rest of the year ……and I might have some pictures from Watchmen ……..and I might be announcing the the HC sets for the rest of the year …… and I might be giving away some cool figs.  Just maybe though.



By Lee

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