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DC Comics HeroClix: The Flash Booster Brick and Fast Forces Packs Available Now



DC Comics HeroClix: The Flash Booster Brick and Fast Forces Packs Available Now

Also, don’t miss out on a Flash-specific WizKids Organized Play Event at Local Retailers

Hillside, NJ — November 12, 2014 — WizKids, the industry leader in quality pre-painted collectible miniatures, released new DC Comics HeroClix: The Flash booster sets to North American retail today (please note that European release dates may vary). The DC Comics HeroClix: The Flash 5-figure Booster Packs feature the characters— past, present and future who have used the moniker of The Flash along with his infamous Rogues Gallery. DC Comics HeroClix: The Flash picks up the pace with the premiere of the new Speedforce power— making for exciting and dynamic game play that gives each speedster character their own unique twist.


WizKids also celebrates DC Comics The Flash with the release of the DC Comics HeroClix: “The Rogues” Fast Forces pack which features six classic Flash foes including Mirror Master, Weather Wizard and Heat Wave along with two new maps of the Flash Museum (Indoor and Outdoor) at a wallet-friendly MSRP of $16.99 USD.

To celebrate the launch of both DC Comics HeroClix products, WizKids is hosting special Release Day Organized Play (OP) events focusing on these boosters. Retailers hosting the Organized Play events will stock limited-edition prizes to distribute to winners of various categories. (Note to interested retailers: Please contact your distributor for OP kits). Make sure to visit ASAP to find out if your local HeroClix retailer is hosting an event!

To find a retailer hosting an Organized Play event, please visit

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