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HeroClix on the Road 2012 – Venom!

Greetings WizKids Fans and Supporters!

One of the great things that HeroClix has brought me is new friends that I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for HeroClix.  I’ve bonded with these friends over many conventions and many games of HeroClix.  It’s gotten to the point where I can’t think of conventions or HeroClix without thinking of them.  It’s like they’ve gotten into my head as another voice.  Our fifth 2012 HeroClix convention preview is Venom, who bonded with an alien symbiote and truly does have another voice in his head.

Eugene “Flash” Thompson lost his legs during the Iraq War but got a new pair when he was given the alien symbiote and became Venom.  As a New Breed of symbiote, the new Venom can use Shape Change and Stealth as a trait.  As Flash was used to fighting on the front lines, he can be Airdropped Into the Action, which allows him to gain the Flight ability and replace his speed value with a 14 movement if he begins his move action in your starting area.  Once he is on the front lines, he can use I Remember Dodging Linebackers (Running Shot) to get even further into combat.  Once into the thick of things, he can use the Heavy Artillery (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) to take out his foes before switching to Small Arms (Energy Explosion) to take on many foes at the same time all while using the Sharpshooter Ability.  If enemies decide to shoot at Venom, he can rely on Being Bulletproof Is Nice (Invulnerability) to shrug off some of the damage.

Eventually the Venom symbiote takes over and Full Symbiote Bonding (Toughness) allows Flash to shrug off still more damage.  The symbiote starts Acting On Its Instinct (Flurry) and allows Flash to Shape Its “Flesh” (Blades/Claws/Fangs) as it goes all out to take out those who stand in its way.  The symbiote protects Flash from even more damage by providing an Early Warning (Super Senses) to attacks.  If Flash has taken too much damage, then Symbiote Healing (Regeneration) kicks in so that he can return to fight again another day.

This figure will first be available at DexCon 2012  (look for our events announcement soon!) as a prize where you can play a game of HeroClix and be the hero and save the day.  Tune in on June 13th for another exciting convention preview!

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