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HeroClix on the Road 2012 – Martian Manhunter

Greetings WizKids Fans and Supporters!

Feeling alienated?  Not exactly something that ever happens when you go to convention.  Whether it’s hanging with old friends or making new friends, you will never feel like you are alone at a convention.  It’s one of the reasons that conventions are such a great experience for players.  You get the chance to meet so many other people who share an interest in a game that you play.  Our fourth 2012 HeroClix convention preview is Martian Manhunter, who has felt alienated and alone as he was the last survivor of Mars or so he thought.

J’onn J’onzz, also known as the Martian Manhunter, arrived on earth and quickly decided to try to blend in with society.  In order to do this, he used his Mind Probe (Mind Control) to see how humans would respond to him.  Based on this knowledge, J’onn hid his true nature by concealing himself as a detective amongst us and this is represented by his My True Form Is Not Appealing to You (Shape Change).  He was also blessed with Martian Physiology which allowed him to hide in the shadows with Stealth and get wherever he needed to go with Phasing/Teleport.   His Martian heritage also gave him the ability to hurt the strongest of foes with his Martian Vision (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) and to lift the heaviest of objects with his Martian Strength (Super Strength).

After observing humanity as an outsider, Martian Manhunter finally found a home amongst the Justice League and made many friends during his time with the team.  During World War III, he told Black Adam The Time Has Come For A Reckoning (Hypersonic Speed) as they faced off in battle.  Believing That The Future Is Worth the Fight (Impervious) and that they should Stand Firm (Invulnerability), the Martian Manhunter was able to survive the battle because of his defensive powers.  Unfortunately, J’onn was killed during the Final Crisis by the Flame before being resurrected during the Blackest Night.  After his return, J’onn found out he wasn’t the last of his kind as he found another survivor of Mars but soon realized that his true place was fighting alongside the Justice League.

This figure will first be available at Gen Con as a prize.  Please join us at the convention where you can bond with old friends or new friends over a game of HeroClix.  Tune in on June 6th for another exciting 2012 Convention preview!

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