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HeroClix on the Road 2012 – Dr. Fate

Greetings WizKids Fans and Supporters!

Do you sometimes feel that Fate is against you?  Often when playing HeroClix, I feel that my dice are fated to roll 1 less than the number I need to hit.  Other times, the dice are in my favor when I roll that 5 or 6 that I need to avoid a big hit with super senses.  What better way to ensure that fate is on your side then by playing with our second 2012 HeroClix convention preview, none other than Dr. Fate. (Click on image to enlarge)

Kent Nelson would have died from poison gas but fate intervened when he put on the Helmet of Nabu and became Dr. Fate.  As an Agent of Order, Dr. Fate used his powers to fight back against those who would cause chaos in the world.  The Agent of Order trait allows Dr. Fate to shut down any actions that opposing characters would take to use special powers if they are within 6 squares.  With this trait, Dr Fate forces HeroClix to return to a more orderly era when special powers were not the norm.

If the dice are against you, you can use The Cloak of Destiny (Probability Control) so that you get a second chance at making good on your attack roll or to ensure that your opponent doesn’t land an attack on Dr. Fate.  If anyone manages to damage Dr. Fate, they will take a click of unavoidable damage from his Mystic team ability.  If this isn’t enough to deter your opponent, then Dr. Fate can blast through even the toughest of defenses with his Mystic Bolt (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) power.  At just 100 points, you can build a theme team around Dr. Fate with other Mystical keyworded characters like the members of the Justice League Dark or team him up with his classic teammates from the Justice Society.

Origins Game Fair is the first convention that this figure will be available at as a prize but don’t worry this figure will also be available at Gen Con Indy.  With Dr. Fate on your side will you punish your opponents on your way to becoming the next HeroClix National Champion?  Tune in on May 9th for another exciting preview!

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