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Congratulations to the 2014 Mexican HeroClix Champion!

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Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Last weekend, over 100 players gathered in Mexico City to celebrate their passion for HeroClix with assorted tournaments and the 2014 Mexican HeroClix Championship.  After two days of well-played HeroClix and daunting competition, one player rose to the challenge and has claimed the coveted title of Champion! Please join us in congratulating Kristopher Flores, the winner of the 2014 HeroClix Mexican Championship!



Among other fantastic and fun prizes, Kristopher has earned a seat in the 2014 HeroClix World Championship, which will take place at Gen Con Indy next month.  After the event, Kristopher was kind enough to share some thoughts and answer some questions from the HeroClix Road to Worlds staff:

Road to Worlds Staff (RWS): How long have you been playing HeroClix?
Kristopher Flores (KF): I began playing HeroClix around the (DC HeroClix) Superman expansion, like two and a half years ago.   Halo HeroClix [was the set] that caught my eye, but to be honest I dropped Halo quite a long time ago.

RWS: What do you like the most about HeroClix?
KF: What I like the most is the challenge of facing other opponents and strategies.  HeroClix has a huge number of combinations, and facing new ones is the part that really thrills me.

RWS: How long have you been on the competitive scene
KF: I enter the competitive scene when (Marvel HeroClix) Chaos War hit the stores, around 4 months I starter playing

RWS: We saw your shirt and the obvious pride you show while wearing it. Tell us about Majestix?
KF: Majestix is a store located in California.  Actually, I represent the store’s team which is led by Patrick Yopjocko.   He’s here having fun too, and our community back home really loves the competitive scene of HeroClix.

RWS: Tell us about your team, how did you come up with the idea?
KF: I was planning my team 3 weeks before the date of the event – actually Patrick helped me put the final polish on it; we tested all of the teams 3 days in a row. Finally, I decided to go with a Bullseye team; yes that figure is bit of a glass jaw cannon but he has two powers that come in real handy: Precision Strike and Probability Control, and besides that his Improved Targeting really pulls it all together.  I equipped him with the First Aid-Kit (Utility Belt item) in order to help counter his short dial, and also decided to put on the Handcuffs (Utility Belt item) just in case any Bizarro’s came around. Lastly,  Bullseye’s high combat values plus three targets? That’s a no-brainer!

RWS: First time in Mexico?
KF: Actually no, I’ve visited both Morelia and Puerto Vallarta in the past, but it’s actually the very first time I’ve visited Mexico City.

RWS: Now you’re a couple of weeks from Gen Con’s World Championship… How does that feel?
KF: It feels great! This is my first major event for HeroClix outside U.S., my first win, and also my first time participating in the Gen Con finals! I’ve played in other tournaments back in the  U.S., and I’ve  managed to get to the Top 8 at R.O.C. (Realms Open Championship) events but always stayed in the shadows.  Now I get the spotlight and I’m really excited to go to Gen Con.

RWS: If you win the HeroClix World Championship, what character would you like to help design?
KF: That’s a tough one… I think the character I would help with is Marvel’s Ghost Rider.  Yes there have been a few, but the one I really do want is the one that appears in the World War Hulk storyline, when Johnny Blaze get’s fully possessed and becomes a very powerful version of Ghost Rider.

RWS: You’re of course from U.S. but what can you say about the Mexican HeroClix community?
KF: Awesome community! When Patrick an I arrived we were expecting a lot of good players and believe me…there are a lot! It was a hard time trying to get past the sealed part of the event, and when I got to the top 32, thing got a little tougher. But all of my opponents were really good players.

RWS: Would you be back for Road to Worlds 2015?
KF: Definitely! I would want to defend my Championship! And actually we would like to bring more people from our store, this was a fun event.

RWS: Now let’s get down to the important stuff: Marvel or DC?
KF: Marvel for sure.

RWS: And who is your favorite character?
KF: No surprise here; Ghost Rider. I’ve been a Marvel Knights fan since the very beginning of the title.

RWS: Any other character you would love to see made in HeroClix?
KF: That’s a good one… When the Lord Of The Rings set came out, I was expecting a Balrog to be released… but no luck so far.

RWS: Any piece of advise for the other players on improving their game?
KF: Preparation is everything. I trained for 3 weeks leading up to the event. If you don’t prepare, you will surely lose. That was one of the lessons I learned at Majestix during our winter tournaments.

Thank you Kristopher, and best of luck to you at the HeroClix World Championship event at Gen Con Indy next month! Please be sure to check out the photo gallery on the WizKids Facebook page as well!

Here are the 2014 Mexican HeroClix Championship Top 16 team builds:

Kristopher Flores’s 2014 HeroClix Mexican Qualifier Championship Team:

  • Iron Man (M10 #009, with Parallax Entity WoL #065) – 150 pts. (125 for Iron Man and 25 for Parallax)
  • Bullseye (DP #036, with Utility Belt) – 123 pts. (110 pts. For Deadpool and 13 pts. for Utility Belt)
  • Weasel (DP #20) – 27 pts.


Second place: Jaime Alan Cervantes

  • Fantomex (WatX #42, with Utility Belt) – 156 pts. (142 pts. for Fantomex and 14 pts. for the Utility Belt)
  • Kingpin (DP #059, with Parallax Entity WoL #065) – 143 pts. (118 pts. for Kingpin and 25 pts. for Parallax)


Third Place: Oscar Galindo Luna

  • Emerald Empress (S-LoSH #40 with Ophidian Entity WoL #63) – 140 pts. (115 pts. for Emerald Empress and 25 pts. for Parallax)
  • Blue Lantern Recruit (WoL #07) – 50 pts.
  • Lydea Mallor (S-LoSH #57 with Parallax Entity WoL #65) – 104 pts. (79 pts. for Lydea Mallor and 25 pts. for Parallax)
  • Trucker (FI #B006) – 3 pts.
  • Omega Drive (DP #S001) – 3 pts.


Fourth Place: Santiago R. Nogueda

  • Lydea Mallor (S-LoSH #057) – 79 pts.
  • Dogpool (DP #003) – 65 pts.
  • Alyosha Kraven (AMS #031b with Ophidian Entity WoL #63) – 95 pts. (70 for Alyosha Kraven and 25 for Ophidian)
  • Sentinel Sentry (DoFP #H002) – 14 pts.
  • Splitlip (FI #301) – 20 pts.
  • Book of the Skull with all Hammers (except Nerkkod) – 27 pts.
  • Sidelines: Gulyadkin the Lion (AMS #031bt), “I’m going to lick your hand” (DP #W002), “4th wall? What 4th wall?” (DP #W003), “Quick, shield me with your bodies?” (DP #W011), “Hammer time” (DP#W008)


Fifth Place: David Gabarro Jiménez

  • Speed Demon (DP #53) – 110 pts.
  • Bizarro (S-LoSH #39) – 25 pts.
  • Brother Voodoo (ASM #17b) – 79 pts.
  • Blue Lantern Recruit (WoL #07) – 50 pts.
  • Phoenix Force Resource – 36 pts.


Sixth Place: Fernando Castañeda Pérez 

  • Iron Pharaoh (IIM #051 with Parallax Entity WoL #65) – 135 pts. (110 pts. for Iron Pharaoh and 25 pts. for Parallax)
  • Iron Man (M10 #09) – 125 pts.
  • Blind Al (DP #018) – 13 pts.
  • Camera Man (FI #B016) – 3 pts.
  • Green Lantern Power Battery – 24 pts.


Seventh Place: Emmanuel Ahmin Lara Treviñ 

  • Speed Demon (DP #53) – 110 pts.
  • Iron Man (M10 #09 with Parallax Entity WoL #65) – 150 pts. (125 pts. for Iron Man and 25 pts. for Parallax)
  • Phoenix Force Resource – 33 pts.


Eight Place: Alejandro Marquez

  • Copycat (DP #38) – 90 pts.
  • Phoenixbuster Iron Man (AVX #104) – 175 pts.
  • Green Lantern Power Battery Resource – 32 pts.


Ninth Place: Enrique “Kike” González

  • Takion (S-LoSH #051 with Parallax Entity WoL #65) – 200 pts. (175 pts. for Takion and 25 pts. for Parallax)
  • Phantom Girl (S-LoSH #008) – 72 pts.
  • Moira McTaggert (DoFP #016) – 28 pts.


Tenth Place: Adolfo Rodríguez

  • Iron Man x 2 (M10 #09) – 250 pts.
  • Splitlip (FI #301) – 20 pts.
  • Book of the Skull resource with all Hammers.


Eleventh Place: Alejandro Derbez Gomez

  • Iron Pharaoh (IIM #51 with Parallax Entity WoL #65) – 135 pts. (110 pts. for Iron Pharaoh and 25 pts. for Parallax)
  • Speed Demon (DP #53a) – 110 pts.
  • Weasel (DP #20_ – 27 pts.
  • Green Lantern Power Battery Resource – 28 pts.


Twelfth Place: Jaime Moreno

  • Silver Centurion (IIM #01b) – 161 pts.
  • Rescue (IIM #65) – 65 pts.
  • Bethany Cabe (IIM #102) – 39 pts.
  • Green Lantern Power Battery Resource – 28 pts.


Thirteenth Place: Elí Román

  • Kingpin (DP #61) – 105 pts.
  • Rhino (DP #62) – 140 pts.
  • Phoenix Force Resource with all fragments (except Cyclops)


Fourteenth Place: Carlos Espinoza Reyes

  • Iron Man (M10 #09 with Entity WoL #61) – 150 pts. (125 pts. for Iron Man and 25 pts. for Entity)
  • Iron Man (M10 #09 with Adara Entity #67) – 150 pts. (125 pts. for Iron Man and 25 pts. for Adara Entity)


Fifteenth Place: Luis Daniel Rivera

  • Alpha Class Sentinel (DoFP #G002) – 250 pts.
  • Weasel (DP #20) – 27 pts.
  • Sidelines: Sentinel (DoFP #01), Alpha Class Sentinel A (DoFP #G001)
  • Power Plant Resource – 22 pts. (With Black Light, Flame Blast, Matter Rearrange, Impact Beam, Electro Blast and Disintegration Beam)


Sixteenth Place: Carlos Alberto Arenales Vergara

  • Bizarro (S-LoSH #39) – 100 pts.
  • The Professor (DP #07b with Entity WoL #61) – 59 pts. (34 for The Professor and 25 for Adara)
  • Splitlip (FI #31) – 20 pts.
  • White Witch (S-LoSH #47a) – 87 pts.
  • The Book of the Skull Resource with all Hammers.