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Atlantis Rising!

Good day fellow HeroClix’ers!

Today’s preview comes all the way from the dark depths of the oceans!  Direct from Poseidon’s realm, here is the Atlantis ATA!


Your figures with the Atlantis Keywords will enjoy a +1 bonus to their defense values whenever they’re targetted by ranged attacks while standing in water terrain.  That’s right, when your opponents’ figures take ranged shot at your Atlanteans, they can dive under the surface or throw themselves in to the surf to make themselves harder to hit!

And even better, many figures with the Atlantis keyword already benefit from being in water terrain; Ocean Master (DC 75th Anniversary #027) and the Brightest Day Aquaman (#006) will absolutely love the additional bonus awarded by this ATA in water terrain!

Now assemble your Atlanteans and strike back at the surface-dwellers!