Announcements HeroClix Watch List

Announcing the HeroClix Watch List!



Greetings HeroClix fans and supporters,

As part of WizKids’ ongoing efforts to maintain HeroClix as the most exciting game on this or any other planet we are announcing the rollout of a new initiative, the HeroClix Watch List.  From time to time we may announce figures and mechanics that have already been released that may require refinement for the overall health and betterment of the HeroClix gaming community.

In order to provide some insights to the process we want to announce the Watch List in advance to any decisions being made.  Over a period of weeks or months to come, the R&D team will intensively scrutinize the figures and mechanics on the Watch List, and a determination will be made as to if any change is required.  It is important to note that while changes up-to-and-including errata, refinement, and/or banning are all possible, so too is no change at all.

Below you will find the list of the figures and/or mechanics presently on the HeroClix Watch List.  We’ve attempted to indicate the specific areas that drove the inclusion of these specific elements on the list.   Our investigative scope may be narrowed or widened depending on our findings and determinations.

Additionally other similar figures and/or mechanics may be found to be an issue during the investigation and when an announcement is made it may impact other figures and/or mechanics not originally included on the Watch List due to this research.

If no announcement has been made on a particular figure and/or mechanic on the Watch List, it means it is still being investigated.  Until a final determination is made there is no official impact to the listed figures and/or mechanics.

It is our goal to give this information out before a determination to allow for players to not be completely surprised by our findings.

As always, we thank you all for your continued understanding and support,
The WK Team