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Announcing the 2014 Australian HeroClix Championship!




Greetings HeroClix Fans!

WizKids Games is proud to announce the 2014 Australian HeroClix Championship!

Join us this October 23-26 participate in the ultimate HeroClix challenge “Down Under”! Not only will you have the chance to test your mettle against the best players from all over the country, but spectacular prizes will also be up for grabs in the form of Limited Edition HeroClix figures!

The event will take place at Sydney’s largest HeroClix venue, Good Games Hurstville:

Good Games Hurstville
Unit 213, 7-11 the Avenue
Hurstville NSW 2220

[EDIT] Interested in pre-registering online? Go here

Join us for a host of great HeroClix events as well as a Super-Hero Trivia Night on Friday! Join us for a full weekend of HeroClix and Super-Hero fandom.  Good times and great prizes await! Full event details can be found below!

Super-Hero Trivia Night! This will be social event with participants grouped in tables of six.  Join us for some great community vibes and fast-paced Super-Hero trivia fun and win stacks of prizes!

Cost: $10
Availability:Friday (24 October) at 7pm

HeroClix Side Events: 


HeroClix Battle Royal EventsInterested in fast and furious HeroClix play? Want to prove you’re the best no matter what team you draft? Then this event is for you! Players will be randomized into four-player pods and will utilize boosters from a HeroClix expansion. At the conclusion of the event, a Snake draft will occur (beginning with the winner of the pod) from the contents each player’s booster pack as well as a Limited Edition figure that will be added to the pool upon the completion of the event.

Cost: $20
Availability: Thursday – Sunday (23-26 October, on-demand as players sign up)

The War to End All Wars: Players will construct a 1000 point Modern Age team with the additional restriction that all figures must share a team keyword. No resources will be allowed for this event.  Build your best super-team and battle it out to victory!

Cost: $10
Availability: Thursday (23 October) at 7pm

“Repack” Draft: Players receive a “re-pack” of random HeroClix figures, open it, and then build a 300 point HeroClix force from the contents.  Compete with figures you might never play with normally! Do you have what it takes to prove you’re the best under the most unpredictable of circumstances? Then this event is for you!

Cost: $15
Availability: Friday (24 October) at 11am

Golden Age Team Up: Players will compete in two-player teams. Each player brings a 250-point HeroClix Golden Age team with no tactics/resources to the table and competes with an opposing two-player team for victory! Can you and your partner defeat your opponents?

Cost: $20
Availability:Friday (24 October) at 3pm

Lucky Dip Sealed: Players will receive two random packs from a pool of available HeroClix sets and construct a 400 point team.  Battle it out on skill and “luck of the draw”!

Cost: $30
Availability: Sunday (26 October) at 2pm

2014 Australian HeroClix Championship Events: 


Australian HeroClix Championship Sealed Qualifier: Players participating in this sealed qualifier will receive two HeroClix boosters from which to build a 300 point team in a limited time. There will then be at least 3 rounds of play, and the top 16 players will qualify for the Australian HeroClix Championship Finals on Sunday October 26.

Cost: $50
Availability: Saturday (25 October) at 10.00am 

Australian HeroClix Championship Constructed Qualifier: Players participating in this constructed qualifier will need to build and bring a 300 point HeroClix Modern Age team to compete. There will be at least 3 rounds of play, and the top 16 players will qualify for the Australian HeroClix Championship Finals on Sunday October 26.

Cost: $15
Availability: Saturday (25 October) 2pm

2014 Australian HeroClix Championship Final: BRING IT! You’ve battled through the qualifying events and victory is in sight! Build and bring the best 300 point Modern Age force you can, and fight it out with the rest of the top players in Australia to see who will emerge victorious as the 2014 Australian HeroClix Champion! 5 rounds swiss, cut to top 8 for knockout to determine our winner!

Cost: N/A; open only to pre-qualified players.  
Availability: Sunday (26 October) at 10.00am

All of the HeroClix events above have prize support including 2013 and 2014 convention exclusive figures, and more!

For players taking part in any of the Australian HeroClix Championship events, there is a menu outlining which maps you may select to play on. The available maps are:

1-2 Avengers vs. X-Men Latveria/Drowned Wakanda
3-4 Avengers vs. X-Men Kun’Lun/Moon
5-6 Wolverine and the X-Men Danger Room/Canadian Wilderness
7-8 Captain America The Winter Soldier Triskelion Helibay Indoor/Helicarrier Outdoor
9-10 Deadpool Fast Forces Thunderbolts/Submarine

1-2 Teen Titans N.O.W.H.E.R.E.: The Crucible/ Teen Titans Tower: Great Hall
3-4 Teen Titans Fast Forces N.O.W.H.E.R.E.: Arctic Base/Teen Titans Tower: Tower Ground
5-6 Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Apokolips/ Legion Plaza
7-8 Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Fast Forces Hall of Doom/Slaughter Swamp
9-10 War of Light Ranx/Oa Plaza

(Please bring your selected map with you where possible, but additional maps will be available on the day)

For more details or if you have questions, check out the Australian HeroClix Community on Facebook or email the event organizer Jaime Lawrence at  [EDIT] You can pre-register for the event here.