A new HeroClix set…. a new Player’s Guide!

Posting on behalf of Michael (Harpua) Joy:

Good Day, Fellow Clixers.

I’m here today to present the latest edition of the HeroClix Player’s Guide and give you a brief overview of several of the more significant changes.

We’ve been reviewing all of the outstanding issues which have been brought to our attention.  Our sincerest appreciations go out to all of the people who aided us through their alerts on the thread.  Each concern presented was given careful consideration to keep striding toward perfection and clarity in the rules.

First and foremost, I’m pleased to announce the addition of the rules text for several of the recently released game elements.  In section 14, you will find the text of the traits and special powers for the new hotness, DC 75.  We’ve also added the DC Brightest Day set.  In addition to these full sets now gracing the pages of this guide, we’ve got some BIG entries as Starro and Dr. Manhattan can now count themselves among the ranks of those figures listed in this guide.

Furthermore, we’ve also included the text for the Marvel Web Of Spider-Man Print and Play items in sections 16 and 18, respectively.  Sections 19 and 20 hold even more new material for the recent DC sets as the text for the special objects and maps can now be found in these sections.

With regard to the issue of clarity, we have set down into print rulings on many items about which some players have recently expressed areas of confusion.  These can be found throughout many of the sections of this guide.  Among these clarifications you will find that the rules for print and play now make it clear that the elements printed must be functionally the same as the official WizKids elements, but that is all that is required.

As always, we try to close loopholes as they are found.  In this edition of the guide, we have succeeded in closing several of these loopholes.  It has been clarified that Reluctant Team-Up, Shazam! And Black Adam’s trait, is unable to be ignored.  The loophole which would prevent Move & Attack from using Hypersonic Speed to make a close combat attack has also been closed.  There are a few more of these loopholes which you will see have been closed.

We cannot forget that there has been a new Powers and Abilities Card which has been released since the previous player’s guide.  There have been some changes which are now included here.  Two of these are quite significant and highly anticipated.  First, the Quake power has had some slight alterations.  Most significant is that the power keys off of a close combat attack being made, rather than keying off of adjacency. This subtlety normally isn’t an issue, but you can be sure Giants are extremely grateful for this change.  Faithful fans of the first family of comics, the Fantastic Four, will rejoice in learning that the Fantastic Four team ability is now fully compatible with wild cards.

Last but not least, there is unfortunately always some errata.  While the ideal world would find us with no errata entries, fortunately, as this game grows, it seems to me that the number of these is lessening.  Three figures are most prominent in this area.  First we have Bullseye from the Marvel Web of Spider-Man set.  As released, the wording of his special power was clear when it comes to the basic use of his Super Strength.  Unfortunately, when coupling this power with certain game effects, the power became a little fuzzy.  The power has been reworded in a way that makes these interactions more discernable.  (For consistency, Hooded Justice from the DC Watchmen set has been reworded similarly.)  Second, Captain Boomerang from the Brightest Day has left some players puzzled on exactly how his special power works.  You will see that his power now reads such that it is clear in the areas where people found confusion, such as stating explicitly that it is a ranged attack, but that it does not target.  Finally, people have been hounding us for answers on…

LARFLEEZE.  Everyday, we have people screaming “GIVE US THE ANSWERS!!!”  Considering the source of the questions, it is very fitting.  Well, we have filled in those answers.

  1. It is now crystal clear that while he can affect opponents in various ways through his Orange Constructs, those opponents cannot reciprocate.
  2. The Orange Constructs now clearly move as if they are characters with the standard boot symbol.  Thus those objects will be affected by terrain accordingly.
  3. When placing Orange Constructs, Larfleeze can place objects up to six squares away as long as he can draw a line of fire to that square.

Well, that about wraps it up for this review.  I’ve tried to point out some of the bigger points, but there are still other things which I’ve not discussed.  As always, you will be able to notice these in the guide with their red color.  Again I’d like to thank everyone for your help.


By Lee

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