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2015 Marvel HeroClix Convention Exclusives

Today we preview the two 2015 Marvel HeroClix Convention figures available for sale at conventions and special events— starting with the WizKids U.S. Nationals Championship Event at Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD next weekend April 11-12.

First up is the mightiest magician of the Marvel Universe— Doctor Strange!

Marvel HeroClix Convention Exclusive Doctor Strange

On his first click, Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation (Running Shot) gives him the ability to move and make a ranged attack, his Bolts of Balthakk (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) allows his ranged attack to punch through damage-reducing powers on his targets, his Mystical Shield (Super Senses) can help him to avoid attacks and the Orb of Agamotto (Probability Control) will allow him to reroll attacks or force his opponents to reroll their attacks.  Later on in his dial, Doctor Strange becomes a bit more defensive by granting the Shield of Seraphim (Defend) to help protect his allies and the Serum of Seraphim (Support) to heal his allies that have been hurt in battle.

But the Sorcerer Supreme has many more spells that he can conjure up—to represent the depth of Doctor Strange’s mystical skills, this figure comes with a special d20 that will give him access to a variety of powers and special game effects listed on the back of his character card.  Once per turn, Doctor Strange may be given a free action to roll the d20 and depending on the result of the roll, Doctor Strange can use the indicatedpower or ability. With all of the magical tricks available to Doctor Strange, he is the quintessential “Swiss-army knife” for your HeroClix team!

Second up, we travel into deep space for the greatest minds of the Kree Empire—the Supreme Intelligence.

Marvel HeroClix Convention Exclusive Supreme Intelligence

As a being that resides in a containment unit, the playable character dial for the Supreme Intelligence does not have the ability to move (as represented by his 0 Speed value), but this does not limit his psychic abilities. Supreme Intelligence’s Omni-Wave Projector trait allows him to target opponents anywhere on the map with ranged combat attacks—although his damage is reduced if he needs to stretch his psychic powers outside of his normal range and line of fire.  Opponents can prevent the Supreme Intelligence’s ability to make these mental attacks from afar by moving one of their characters of 100 points or more next to him—but being In the Presence of the Supreme Intelligence can be just as much of a danger, as opposing characters adjacent to the Supreme Intelligence are given an action token at the beginning of his turn. As a master of planning and strategy, the Supreme Intelligence bolsters his forces through his Empower Kree Agents power, increasing their combat values through Empower, Enhancement and Perplex.  As the collection of its greatest minds and leader of the Kree Empire, the Supreme Intelligence’s Millenia of the Kree’s Best, Distilled damage power allows him to use Leadership and Outwit—and when he does use Outwit, he can immediately use it twice more!

Marvel HeroClix Convention Exclusive Supreme Intelligence Resource

Supreme Intelligence is a SwitchClix figure that comes with an alternate dial that allows it to be played as a resource (representing its ability to establish a mental link with other beings to guide their actions).  When the Supreme Intelligence is played as a resource, it is assigned to a character of 50 pointsor more—or a character of any point value if it has the Kree keyword. The character that is assigned this mental link will have access to any of the standard powers showing on the Supreme Intelligence’s dial. The resource dial is clicked once at the end of each turn and up to two additional times if the assigned character made a successful attack during that turn, so the powers available will change throughout the course of the game.  If you are fortunate enough to get the resource dial up to click 19, the Supreme Intelligence transfers his powers entirely over to your Kree agent with its Manifest Through You special power. This power allows you to replace the assigned character with the Supreme Intelligence character dial on the same click number.  Now we will see who is truly the Supreme Intelligence!

We look forward to seeing you this convention season!  Pre-registration for the WizKids U.S. Nationals Championship Event closes soon, so register now for your chance to play and your chance to pick up two of the 2015 Marvel HeroClix Convention Exclusives: Doctor Strange and Supreme Intelligence!

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