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2015 HeroClix World Champion: Paris Gordon

Name: Paris Gordon

WES ID: mourir

Location: Houston, TX

Favorite Local Venues: Fat Ogre Games & Comics, Bedrock City, Swords & Superheroes, 8th Dimension Comics and Games




Q: How does it feel to be named 2015 World Champion in HeroClix?

It feels really good. I’ve been playing since the advent of the game, although only competitively since Giant Sized X-Men. This was my third Worlds tournament, and my second WizKids tournament of the year; I also attended Nationals in April. I had placed decently in tournaments over the last year or so, but I had never won. So it feels good to finally get a big win under my belt.


Q: What did you enjoy most about the competition?

I think my favorite part was seeing all the creative teams out there and trying to adapt to them and see whose team is better. My favorite aspect of the game is team building, so I would say that’s probably my favorite aspect of playing as well.


Q: How did you come up with your winning build and what was your main strategy?

When I got back from Nationals and really started looking at Felix Faust (I had originally dismissed him); I really liked him, so he was the foundation of my team. He has some heavy drawbacks, so I tried to fix those as much as possible by giving him move and attack, a reducer, and flight from the Phoenix Force. One of his other drawbacks is having only 5 clicks, so I decided on playing him with Spiral who has 8 clicks and was kind of a counterbalance, and also benefited immensely from the Phoenix Force. I then put Entity on Faust, mainly for Probability Control, Parallax on Spiral for Psychic Blast options, or Quintessence so she doesn’t have to take pushing, and then Loki for yet another Probability Control to help reroll the d20, and for even more mobility.


Paris’s Build:

WAX 041              Spiral (106)

WK D-027            Felix Faust (80)

FI 101                    Loki (30)

WOL 065              Parallax [Spiral] (25)

WOL 061              Entity [Faust] (25)

AVX R100             Phoenix Force [Spiral, Faust] (12 + 3 + 3)

AVX R101             Phoenix Force Fragment- Cyclops (3)

AVX R102             Phoenix Force Fragment- Namor (3)

AVX R103             Phoenix Force Fragment- Colossus (3)

AVX R104             Phoenix Force Fragment- Emma Frost (3)

AVX R105             Phoenix Force Fragment- Magik (3)


Q: What were your fellow competitors like?

They were all awesome. I enjoyed every single match I played all weekend and enjoyed talking to everyone I didn’t play as well. HeroClix has an awesome con-going crowd 🙂


Q: What first brought you to HeroClix and how long have you been playing it?

I’ve actually been playing since Infinity Challenge, when I was 7 I believe. My dad bought some and started collecting; we would play casually at home, and have been playing ever since.


Q: How often and where do you play HeroClix?

Most of my HeroClix playtime consists of me and my teammates playing practice matches for tournaments, or playing the actual tournaments themselves. Other than that, I always try to attend the OP events at my aforementioned favorite venues as well.


Q: What strategy or aspect of your game play do you believe lead to your victory over the other competitors?

While I feel Faust is one of the strongest figures in the game, as I mentioned before he has many weaknesses. I feel as though I covered those weaknesses the best I could and used Faust to his full potential, which is a big reason why I won. I also think Spiral is criminally underestimated; she’s very good, even after the Watchlist change.


Q: Do you plan on fighting for your title and perhaps returning next year?

Definitely, I plan on attending both Worlds and U.S. Nationals next year, along with my teammates.


Q: What advice would you give others trying to achieve the World Champion title?

Practice. Building a team in your head can only take you so far, putting it on the map is the real test. If it performs as well as you’d hoped, you know you did something right.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’d like to thank everyone in Team Ragnarok (all 13 of us!) for helping me prepare, the tournament circuit for giving me the experience I need, and everyone I met and/or played against this weekend for making my con experience enjoyable.


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