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2015 DC HeroClix Convention Exclusives

Today we preview the two 2015 DC HeroClix Convention Exclusives available for sale at conventions and special events. The first place that players and fans will be able to pick up these figures will be at the WizKids U.S. National Championship Event hosted by Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD on April 11-12. For more information follow this link: WizKids U.S. National Championship Event.

First up is the mystical malevolence of Felix Faust!

DC HeroClix: Felix Faust Convention Exclusive

Felix Faust has A Spell for Any Occasion (Perplex), which will allow him to modify combat values on opponents or to bolster his own or his allies’ combat values. His Mystical Portals (Phasing/Teleport) will allow him to maneuver around the battlefield while not taking pushing damage via his What Would you Sell Your Soul For? (Willpower) power.

On his attack track, Felix Faust has two powers. Shake Hands with the Devil… (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) on his top clicks will make his ranged attacks go through his opponents’ damage reduction powers. Later in his dial he goes over to … And Fire Becomes Your Friend (Poison) to deal damage to characters adjacent to him. His dial rounds out with Your Power Is Useless Against Me (Super Senses) and DisguisedAs One of Your Own (Shape Change) to help him to avoid damage from attacks.

But it is when Felix Faust opens the Necronomicon — represented by a special d20 included with his figure — that his mystical prowess really shines. At the beginning of each of his turn, he rolls a d6: on a roll of 1-4 he rolls his d20 to pull a new spell out of his spellbook; on a result of a 5-6 he chooses if he wants to roll the d20, allowing him to continue using the spell he already has prepped from his last roll of his d20.

Fear has a new name and it is Felix Faust!

The next and last of our for-sale convention exclusive figures is the cybernetic marvel of malice — the Brainiac Skull Ship!

DC HeroClix: Brainiac Skull Ship 2015 Convention Exclusive

Will the Brainiac Skull Ship take the role of an Explorer or Conqueror? The Skull Ship has two dials — Travel Mode & Attack Mode — that are played together. When in Travel Mode theSkull Ship focuses on maneuvering and longevity, with increased Speed and Defense values and powers, while the Attack Mode focuses on its offensive capabilities with increased Attack and Damage values and move and attack powers. At the beginning of the turn, players will choose which dial they want to use during the turn and whenever the dial being played changes click numbers, the other dial is clicked along with it.

DC HeroClix: Brainiac Skull Ship 2015 Convention Exclusive


The Skull Ship can be played at 200 or 100 points — and for an additional 25 points, players can choose to play the City dial. The City dial represents the Brainiac Skull Ship miniaturizing and collecting cities from throughout the galaxy to take samples from their occupants to further Brainiac’s scientific goals. If the City dial is being used, 8 City markers (included with the Skull Ship) are placed throughout the map, and during the game Brainiac Skull Ship can be given a free action to pick up an adjacent City marker. For each City marker collected, the City dial is turned as Brainiac analyzes the cities for knowledge and technology that he can use to advance his nefarious schemes — granting new powers for the Skull Ship to use as they are revealed on the City dial.

Played at 200 or 100 points and with or without the City dial,the Brainiac Skull Ship has multiple tentacles that it can use to make attacks, represented by the Tentacle dial. The CLOSE dial slot indicates how many characters the Skull Ship can attack in close combat, while the TARGET dial slot indicates how many targets the Skull Ship can choose when making a ranged combat attack. During the course of the battle, opponents can Try and Rip Off a Tentacle! As the Travel Mode and Attack Mode dials are turned to higher click numbers, the Tentacle dial is turned to match the number range in the CLICK # dial slot — progressively reducing the number of tentacles that the Skull Ship can use to make attacks.

Thank you for reading our previews of the 2015 HeroClix For-Sale Convention Exclusive figures. We look forward to seeing you this year at conventions and events being hosted throughout the world for your chance to pick up these great new HeroClix!

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