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2014 HeroClix Convention Exclusives Available at San Antonio Comic Con!




2014 HeroClix Convention Exclusives Available at San Antonio Comic Con!
August 1-3, 2014


WizKids Games, the industry leader in pre-painted plastic miniatures, is pleased to announce that the 2014 HeroClix Convention Exclusives will be available for purchase at San Antonio Comic Con.

The four figures available for purchase will be Zombie Galactus ($50) and Impossible Man ($15) for Marvel HeroClix, and the Black Lantern Anti-Monitor ($50) and Resurrection Man ($15) for DC HeroClix. Each of these figures comes complete with its character card and they are not available outside of select 2014 conventions.

Interested attendees of the show should go to the Hastings booth (booth #508) for their chance to purchase these exciting additions to both Marvel and DC HeroClix. Supplies will be limited, so be sure to visit the Hastings booth early!

Marvel HeroClix: Zombie Galactus


The Devourer of Worlds has never been so hungry! Zombie Galactus prowls the cosmic spaceways, hoping to sate the cosmic hunger gnawing at him! Playable at 200, 400, and 1000 points, Zombie Galactus is sure to leave his mark on the HeroClix battlefield! Available for $50 while supplies last.


Marvel HeroClix: Impossible Man


This native Poppupian possesses the power to take on virtually any form and he is always happy to use his abilities throw a monkey-wrench into the works! Impossible Man comes packed with a special Powers and Abilities Card (PAC) die that allows him to play havoc with the opposing team’s powers! Available for $15 while supplies last.


DC HeroClix: Black Lantern Anti-Monitor


This longtime foe of the positive-matter universe has never been deadlier! Re-animated through the power of the Black Lantern Central Power Battery, the Anti-Monitor seeks revenge upon all who have dared defy his might! Playable at 300, 600, and 900 points, the Black Lantern Anti-Monitor is the perfect addition to any DC HeroClix: War of Light collection! Available for $50 while supplies last.


DC HeroClix: Resurrection Man


Virtually immortal, Mitch Shelly can still die but each time he does, he is resurrected with all-new powers! As the Resurrection Man, Shelly searches for clues to his true identity while using his seemingly unlimited arsenal of powers to do good. The Resurrection Man figure comes with a Powers and Abilities Card (PAC) die to simulate his ability to change powers each time he resurrects in a HeroClix game! Available for $15 while supplies last.