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On the Road: 2013 Origins Game Fair Pt 2!

Greetings WizKids Fans!

With just one week to go until gamers converge upon the Columbus Convention Center for the 2013 Origins Game Fair, we wanted to touch base with everyone regarding our presence at the show.



Folk interested in purchasing the 2013 Marvel HeroClix: Shuma Gorath and/or the 2013 DC HeroClix: Trinity of Sin team base will be able to do so beginning Thursday morning.  Purchases will be limited to up to two each for Shuma Gorath and/or the Trinity of Sin per customer, per day.  We will be punching badges to ensure fairness in the process, and transactions will be cash only; everyone interested in purchasing these figures can help us by having exact change and their badge ready for punching to ensure the lines move smoothly.

If our daily allotment allows, we may open sales up later in the day to allow for additional purchases in the afternoon (we will announce daily if we’re going to open these up for additional purchases, so please do not ask throughout the day, chances are we won’t know for sure when you happen to ask).  As a reminder, Shuma Gorath will be available for $50, and the Trinity of Sin team base will be $25.




WizKids Games will also be set up to offer the MEGA-sized Star Trek Attack Wing demos in cooperation with Alliance Games Distributors throughout the weekend! Take a moment and play with MEGA-sized versions of the starships that will be available in Star Trek Attack Wing; roll MEGA-sized dice and position your ships with MEGA-sized maneuver templates! Join us for a fun, MEGA-sized time!

If tabletop demos are more your speed, join us in the WIzKids area for demos of Star Trek Attack Wing, Trains and Stations, and more! We will be offering demos throughout the show for these new and upcoming games.

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For everyone interested in the HeroCix Nationals event: we will be contacting all of the reported Winners of the local WES 2013 National Qualifier in Your Store events.  We will also be contacting stores (and their associated volunteers) that scheduled a Qualifier event but have not reported their winner yet to remind them to get that info to us.  If you won your store’s event and do not receive an email from us by Saturday, 8 June, please contact the store your won the event at (or the volunteer if applicable), so they can report and verify your entry for HeroClix Nationals.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at Origins next week!